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Welcome To The Community Where We Seek To Heal Stress

Not Just Manage It.

Do You Feel Stress Has a Negative Affect On Your Life?

You Are in the Right Place.


Marriage/Family Stress?

Single and Feeling Lonely or Isolated?

Parenting Challenges?

Divorce Stress?

Illness or Physical Condition Stress (You or a Loved One)?

Job Loss/Career Stress?

Financial Stress?

General Anxiety?

Are you tired of COPING WITH or MANAGING Stress?

Are you ready to HEAL Stress?

While “Coping With” and “Managing” stress provide great tools to help you adapt to the presence of stress, healstress.com seeks to apply the language, principles and methods of the Healing Journey to stress.  From this perspective, we see stress as something that has potential for being resolved.  Borrowing from well established wisdom principles, this process is a journey into which you enter with the goal of discovering core issues, that, when found, may be addressed and integrated into who you are and how you live . . . allowing you to be healthier and happier.

Healstress.com provides: structure (The Roadmap), education (The Library), and a private supportive community (The Community) to help you on your journey through stress.

So, what does the Roadmap look like?

There are many conceptual models we can use on any healing journey.  We think that a model using the rhythm of seasons is not only helpful, but deeply connected to nature and our individual humanity.  As such, if you choose to join us, the Roadmap that you will use on your journey in healing from stress will be one that looks like this:

(Note if you are on a mobile device, you may need to double tap the tab headings)

So, what does the Community look like?

The private Community is a web-based Forum software that has great features for promoting rich dialogue and connectedness between community members.  Here is a sneak peak at what this looks like:

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A Bit More About Us

Healstress.com is the online healing resource of The Wellness Spa, Inc. and Qi Garden, Inc.

Our vision is to be the leading online resource for education, resources, and community in the area of healing stress from our lives. In this pursuit we seek to help each other create our own necessary changes that deliver transformational experiences toward a life that is thriving, free, and truly . . . Alive.

* Since 1994, The Wellness Spa has been serving over 65,000 clients in the areas of therapeutic massage, Tai Chi/Qigong, and many other modes of healing stress.  In 2014, the Qi Garden Salt Spa began as an idea to help provide healing experiences to clients experiencing respiratory difficulties, skin issues and other challenges.  To date the Garden has served over 3500+ local clients on their healing journeys.

The Wellness Spa, Inc. and Qi Garden Inc. are not medical facilities, nor do we ever represent that we deliver medical advice or services.  It is always our intent to provide education, resources, and healing experiences alongside, but never substituting for, the advice and medical directives of your physician and other clinical providers.

We are grateful for you and your presence in our online community.  Thank you for being here!

The healstress.com Team.